Pipe World

Pipe World that challenges you to fix plumbing disasters all over the place!

The goal is to draw a path of pipes connecting the tap and the drain before time runs out and the liquid starts flowing! The available pipes are random, so you'll have to plan ahead for that perfect solution...

  • Story mode with 60 levels and 5 worlds to unlock
  • A total of 180 stars to collect
  • Levels range from simple to devious
  • Arcade mode with progressive difficulty and offline scoreboard
  • Trophies provide an extra challenge
  • No adds!

Not sure if the game is your cup of tea? Give the free Lite Version a try!

Pipe World is available from the Android Market:


Art Assets:
Bauni, Garrok
[CG Textures] (www.cgtextures.com)
Iconfinder (www.iconfinder.com)
Silk Iconset (www.famfamfam.com)

Vibe Ace, by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

Sound Effects:
Benbocan, jobro, junggle, delphidebrain, ramjac, RoninMastaFX (freesound.org)

With many thanks to:
Bauni, Nasire, Joswin, H.Silva, J.Carneiro, Pyrosphere, Nitro and everyone else that beta-tested. :)